Month: February 2013

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Damascus - 034Went to Boise–and from there went on a journey to a dingy apartment in Upper Manhattan, to a lonely park bench, to Dunkin’ Donuts–


Damascus - 148


Damascus - 130


to a dusty road in India, to the doorway of a cinderblock school in an open field, to the very spot where Shiva first kissed Parvati.  The very spot!

Damascus - 270

The play came alive in the beautiful space at Boise Contemporary Theater, thanks to the brilliant design by Neil Patel (set) and Greg Goff (lights).  As Fiona the Volunteer says in the play, to Alexander the Wandering Malcontent: “Oh, for God’s sake Alex, it’s not about being good, it’s about giving them something.”  I think, I hope, we gave them something, and I know we got much more in return.  Thanks, Boise.